• Biography

  • Kaylene Abernathy

    I am Kaylene (Kay-len) Abernathy, a Detroit born creative and artist. I’ve always had a deep connection with sketching & creating artistic concepts. Once I graduated from college I began to take art serious and started working on my craft. With only sketching pencils and Bic permanent markers I simply wanted to get better, understand my style and workflow. 2 years later I’ve not only transformed into a better artist I was able to utilize my skills to help others, gain clientele and get commissioned for projects.


    I am constantly working on new art and creative projects. I will continue to learn different ways to express myself through different mediums, so always be on the lookout for new projects and unique concept art !


  • Achievements

    My most recent and memorable achievements in Art

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    2020 Art Gallery

    My first solo art gallery

    Held from November 16th - 19th 2020 in Detroit Michigan, I hosted my first art gallery & solo show at Canvas Livernois. Featuring Boss Doll Series, Sweet Treat Series, Body Series and Embroidered Merchandise. Despite covid cases rising I was a huge success. The happiest days of my life.

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    Winner of the Karamu House Residency

    Karamu House 2020

    I was awarded he Karamu House Spring Residency on April 6th, 2020. Offering me $5,000 for my art and future projects and the opportunity to

    be apart of one of the biggest creative African American establishments in America.

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    2nd Place Fine Art Winner

    Cudell Fine Art Center 2019

    My portrait of Winnie Harlow won me a 2nd place prize in the Professional Fine Art category of the Cudell Fine Art Center Art Contest.

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    Wiz Khalifa Rolling Papers II Album Release Party

    Atlantic Records 2018

    My artwork of Wiz Khalifa was selected to be presented at the Rolling Papers II Album release party in New York, New York by Atlantic Records.